Meet Coton Colors

Laura Johnson
Coton Colors Founding Artist and CEO

I’m Laura Johnson.

I’m an artist and CEO. {I’m told it’s a very unusual combination!}

I’ve been creating things my whole life and love it so much that I studied design in college and made it my career.

With the help of my family, I started a business out of my garage and called it Coton Colors. I combined my knack for entertaining with my lifelong love of designing to create hand-made functional pottery inspired by the milestones I've celebrated with my husband and three daughters.

My business took off. Demand was so high it was almost impossible to keep up! Today, I lead an amazing team of creatives, many of which are still family. We design and create thousands of products and handle every step needed to bring them to market – from designing each detail and working with the artisans who now make them, to partnering with our customers who sell them. As always, my motto “never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day” is what guides all we do. Fortunately, the demand continues, and we’ve grown into a national and international brand.

This is Coton Colors, a lifestyle brand based on my own life, that I hope inspires and enables people to never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day.

Celebrate Everyday

From special gatherings to everyday occasions, Coton Colors products are designed to “never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day.” Laura's motto has inspired every facet of the business, which in turn has helped Coton Colors grow into a national and international lifestyle brand in the giftware and home décor industries. The brand Coton Colors is recognized and loved by many for encouraging a celebratory lifestyle.

A Family Business

To make Coton Colors a successful endeavor, Laura relied on her family ties from the start. Her husband supported the artist’s dreams and high-intensity lifestyle while her parents and siblings swooped in to help fulfill the ever piling orders and bring balance to the chaos of an early business. Laura credits the success of Coton Colors to the family foundation, which still stands today.

Laura's oldest daughter, Kyle Johnson Smith, sits at the design helm as Creative Director, working alongside her mom to create products that inspire celebrations. Laura’s middle daughter, Sara Kate, works beside her as a collaborator in fashioning and capturing fresh styles through photography. Laura's youngest daughter {and the newest family addition to the Coton Colors crew}, Mary Parker, has joined the Atlanta Flagship Store and is quickly becoming the go-to contact for discerning hostesses in the area. They all work alongside two of Laura’s nieces who have added their unique talents in helping Coton Colors grow - one of which owns and operates the Atlanta Flagship Store. Laura’s mother and sister run the Tampa and Tallahassee Flagship Stores, while her father remains the company’s CFO.


Left: Kyle Johnson Smith, Creative Director
Right: Sara Kate Johnson, Photographer

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